About My Weddings

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A little about my weddings…

I have done all types of weddings, from backyards and beaches to wineries and banquet halls. I’m a Non Denominational Minister, so I don’t do churches.






Once the wedding is booked, we will get together to discuss everything like marriage licenses, vows, readings and unity ceremonies. The three of us will talk about what you want to make your ceremony the best as it can be.



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Once you get the marriage license, you will be in contact with me through email and cell phone for any details or changes up to the wedding. I have multiple copies of vows, from modern to traditional, that you can choose from. If you wish to write your own, I would be available as a consultant. A variety of wedding readings, such as Bible verses and poems will be provided. Unity Ceremonies are customized to fit your relationship and personalities.

And when your big day is over, I will personally hand deliver the marriage license back to the County Clerk’s Office!


Some of the venues I have done in the past:

Pebble Beach

Willow Heights Manson

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk                                                              20160821_103202

Winchester Mystery House

Launga Seca Raceway

The Golden Gate Bridge

Gilroy Gardens

and various country clubs, wineries, banquet halls, beaches, parks, backyards, and in home.



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